Susie Sex Magick

Warning: Adult Content, 18+, NSFW

Another short piece shared with my new kinky online friend, Susie. Enjoy!

Susie woke up confused and found her self naked and tied to the bed spread eagle. The room was dark and there were candles all around. She looked down and saw a weird symbol drawn on her stomach. Some strange droning music was playing in the background and soon Daddy walked in wearing a dark robe.

He began chanting what sounded like gibberish to Susie, but she could tell that he was performing some kind of ritual. He turned to each of the four directions as he recited his magical litany, before turning his attention upon her. He had a large black butt plug in his hand that he did some sort of strange blessing over. She never had anything quite this large in her ass and was a bit nervous.

He grabbed some lubricant which he also chanted over before spreading it all over the giant plug as well as all around her anus. He wiped his hands off and put a couple of pillows under her ass to lift her up. She tried to ask him what was going on, but he told her to be quiet until he was done. He sounded so serious that she didn’t dare question him. He did reassure her quickly that this wasn’t intended to harm her,.only to open her up to new possibilities.

He resumed his chanting as he began to stretch her tight asshole with the plug. It went deeper and deeper and stretched her starfish open more and more. As it got closer to the thickest part she began to squeal and squirm a little bit because it was stretching her quite a lot. He knew she could take it though. He moved it in and out allowing her to adjust to it so that he didn’t just pop it in painfully. She was actually surprised when she felt the entire large plug pop inside her suddenly welcoming sphincter. She felt so full and despite herself and her nervousness about the situation, her pussy was already starting to trickle.

She could understand some of what he was saying, but a lot of it made no sense. She did get that he was trying to use sex magick to influence her thinking and her level of arousal. He wanted her to be turned on by things that previously she had either felt guilty about or that she felt were wrong. Her mind resisted to an extent, but her body was on fire. Her pussy got wetter as he attached nipple clamps to her thick tips.

He then pulled out a Hitachi magic wand and yet again chanted over it before placing it against her clit. The vibrations were strong and she soon felt wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body. Her cunt began to drool more and more and he harvested her juices to use in his ritual. He used the vibrator on her and began to work two, then three fingers inside of her. He started thrusting his digits in and out furiously against her G spot. As soon as he could tell she was close to cumming he left the vibrator sitting on her clit and grabbed a chalice. As she started to squirt everywhere, he caught a decent amount of it in the vessel.

Then he performed some more ritualistic acts as he left her sitting there with the vibrator on her clit. It was almost too much and she was getting close to the edge again. He took his robe off and was completely naked, his cock hard as steel. As he saw her approaching orgasm, he removed the vibrator and resumed his ritual. She was so frustrated being left on the edge like that. Before she even knew what was happening, he got on the bed and turned completely around so that they were in a 69 position. He fed his cock to her small mouth and started to force it in.

She was slightly resistant at first but when she felt his tongue licking her pussy and stiff clit, she began to acquiesce. Before long he was fucking deeper into her mouth and then into her throat. His mouth was working wonders on her pussy and she found herself humping against his face. He started pumping the large plug in and out of her stretched anus and she found herself on the edge of cumming again. He now had his long, thick cock fully buried down her throat and though she gagged occasionally, she found that she kind of enjoyed it.

This didn’t last much longer before he pulled and moved to kneel in front of her and started to work his cock, wet with her saliva, into her hungry pussy. He chanted more stuff about her opening her mind as he fucked her deep and hard. She didn’t even care what he was saying at this point as it felt so fucking good to get pounded by his stuff rod. At one point she could tell he was getting close and she was eagerly expecting his hot load to explode inside her tight cunt, but he pulled out.

He then untied her and had her get on all fours. She felt him drawing a symbol on her ass just above her asshole. He told her that she was to leave it there until otherwise instructed. He removed the plug, lubed his cock, and with no prep, slid his thick member deep inside her well prepared asshole. The plug had been so large that there was no discomfort. It took him very little time to build up steam and he was soon pounding her ass furiously.

He slipped the vibrator underneath her pussy and pressed her down upon it with his weight. Her clit was on fire as he thoroughly assfucked the bitch. It didn’t take long before she was cumming incredibly hard with his pulsing cock deep in her bowels. She assumed he would deposit his load there, but to her surprise, as he approached his climax, he pulled out and shot it all into the chalice. He then performed one final chant upon it and added some other liquid that was unknown to her.

He then began to wrap up the ritual and had her swallow the contents of the cup. She was hesitant, but he held the back of her head by her hair and poured it into her mouth. To her surprise, the combination of his cum, her juice, and whatever he had put into it tasted interesting. It was actually a bit minty and she assumed that was the extra ingredient that he had added.

After the ritual was completed he laid next to her and cuddled. She could feel his now softening cock between her ass cheeks. His arms wrapped around her and one hand clasped one of her large breasts. It was quite comforting.

It felt so very nice that she soon found herself falling into slumber. At some point she woke up with a start and it was daylight outside. He was nowhere to be seen and none of his ritual accoutrements were around. She began to wonder if anything had actually taken place or if she had just dreamt it. She proceeded to put on her morning robe and walked into the kitchen to get some coffee.

What had happened soon seemed like a distant memory, as she got ready for work. She went into the bathroom to get ready for her shower and it wasn’t until she got naked and looked in the mirror that she realized that it had been real. She saw the symbol above her asshole and realized that he had worked his magick on her. She didn’t feel any different, but in the coming days and weeks, her mind did begin to open to possibilities she had never considered before sexually.

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